New work

Let me satisfy your desires

Close your eyes

When you finally sleep

I will be there

Can you feel me?

My presence?

That breath on your neck

I’m watching you

I can see what you are feeling

Thinking about me

Pretend it’s me

You have my permission

Sweat beading on your brow

I love how your lips curl

Your teeth so cute

As you open your mouth


Feel my burn

Your breath audible now

Cover falling off

Is it getting too hot?

Mmm I love seeing you touch

It is me

Bite your lip

Make it bleed

Can you feel my lips on yours?

Hand inside your panties

Touch yourself

I’m here with you

Rising your body

Arching for me

Ripping your top off

You invite me to smell you

Oh vanilla

I can taste you

Pulling down your panties

Revealing your trimmed hair

I can see how wet

I blow hot breath

Sending you to ecstacy

Them clouds look so soft

As you grip the cotton

More you beg

Do you want me?

You have to really want me

Before I can satisfy

Every one of your desires


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