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Beautiful flowers

I love the flowers

I love their beauty

The warmth of spring

As all the leaves grow

Then comes the flower buds

How glorious to watch

To wait

The anticipation is unbearable

I hate to wait

But I have to

I have no choice

When the flower is ready

It will reveal its beauty

The sun will shine

Day after day

And eventually

It will bloom

In all its magnificence

I love roses, dhalias, lillies and sunflowers

Everyday I will admire you

While you are there

Looking over me

Until your final bloom

I am always sad when you stop

When you leave me

And all of your flowers die

To the ground

I hate to see you departed

Because it means the cold is coming

The snow the hale

The wind and the rain

I hate this weather

Even if I know it is essential

The rain always depresses me

I will always stay inside

And bide my time

Until one day

That I clear the weeds

And I turn the ground

And I see all these glorious bulbs

I leave them dormant

And wonder what they were

It’s always so amazing

So pretty

Until they stick their heads back out

To say hello again

For what was once beautiful

Will always die

We will cut its limbs

And it will come back stronger

More beautiful

I can’t wait to see you

My angels

I will look after you

If you will look over me

I love my pretty flowers


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