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Bloom for me

I love watching you

Anticipating the sunshine

As it creeps up its head

The horizon an orange blur

I feel the warmth on my face

My morning dose of pleasure

The shade shadows vacate

And the light powers through

And I wait

Waiting to see your beauty

All your colours

Your vibrancy

As if magic to my eyes

And ecstacy to my soul

For I needed to see you


Feed on the suns rays

Bloom in all magnificence

Call the bees

With your melodic inticing nectar

I am as the bees

Subdued by your odour

Hypnotised by your posture

I allow myself to smell you

To inspire you

My drug

My love

fantasy · Flowers · New work

The secret garden under my bed

I never knew they could grow there

Such beautiful colours

A garden of flowers

Growing underneath my bed

Red roses with such fragrance

Mesmerising me with its blood red

As I breathe in all its odour

Such a powerful drug

Sending me to euphoria

Its softness cushioning my nose

And I am lost inside

The petals engulf me

Surrounding my body

I give myself

To the garden


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Spring haikus

Look at that sunrise
Warming beauty, rays of gold
Allume this grey day

The little boy gave
His hand, whistling while crossing
The road with her

The odeur of them
Seeping through to our nostrils
Flowers blooming spring

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