1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Solitary confinement

Some of us like to be alone

Time to process on our own

Not wanting to be around others

Feeling trapped, feeling smothered

It started when you was young

You never really did like fun

Bullied at school, always picked on

Just wishing that they would be gone

In college, things should have been different

But most of them were just ignorant

Work passes by, not many friends

Nothing much changes, same old trends

Didn’t really like clubbing or drinking a lot

Dancing around badly, looking like a twot

Prefer your own company, just better like that

Prefer your solitary confinement, that’s just a fact


9 thoughts on “Solitary confinement

  1. I’m one of those who like alone time. Then there are those times when i want companionship—not just any company though. And in those times it’s real hard being alone. Thanks for this piece 🙏🏽💕🙏🏽

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  2. I’ve always been someone who liked, perhaps, needed to be alone. The world felt safer that way, somehow. I still like my own company – my home is my private space where I can be who I am with no pretence. I could really identify with this piece, but like you, I sometimes do like company, but it’s got to be the right person. I can’t deal with crowds or several people in my space, just a good friend, and then I’m fine. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts … Ellie 🦢

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    1. So pleased to hear that you liked and connected with my words. It’s always interesting what poems people connect with and often when I speak about spending time alone, wanting to be alone or needing to be alone it is surprising all the responses. I’m glad to have connected with you. It’s always good to be true to yourself and be proud of who you are.

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