1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

A prank call

I’m at work and the telephone starts to ring. Number withheld so I answer the thing.

Hello how may I help, I said. A brief pause then the insult he said.

I didn’t hear well so I ask him to repeat. The insult again, my heart increases it’s beat.

I think how should I respond to this little boy. What’s your game you little runt, this is your joy?

The little idiot has wound me up. Goodbye little boy, I hang up!

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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3 thoughts on “A prank call

  1. Those sorts of calls really infuriate me. I get a lot of what I call junk calls, usually trying to con you into parting with money or selling you something. Sometimes, when I say no, thank you, they become unpleasant. I had got trapped in a very ‘clever’ scam once and lost some money. I was so angry afterwards. I’m sorry you had to deal with your caller, who was so insulting to you. Totally unacceptable. I’m glad you spoke your mind and hung up on him. Hope you have a good day, Phil.

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    1. Thanks Ellie, nice to hear from you. It was when I was a manager at Macdonalds in France. Makes me laugh now, I remember some real funny jokes. Sad to get hit in a scheme but they know how to press the buttons.

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