1. Searching for you

I never got to ask you

I never got to ask you

And now I never will

So many thoughts in my mind

Alone is how I feel


I cannot hit stop

My mind will not allow

If only you could hear me

My voice, somehow


What happens to our love

When we drift apart?

Where does it go

When we have to restart?


How much do we have to hurt

Before the pain subsides?

Does it hurt for them as well

How it hurts me inside?


Will it just pass away

Along with the time?

Will it just stay with me

One day to feel fine?


As lying to ourselves

To suppress the obvious truth

Seems easier to us

Than seeing the actual proof


And which of us is unbroken

Tattered in shadowed thoughts?

Now feeling enormous regret

Wishing that they had fought

10 thoughts on “I never got to ask you

  1. This is beautiful and poignant, Phil, but I hear your deep pain, too. I’m so sorry you never got to say goodbye. I don’t know if it ever stops hurting. I’m still hurting from not being able to say goodbye to my Mum, too. Perhaps, the pain of our losses will become less over time. I do hope so for you. Hang on in there … Ellie x 💜

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