1. Searching for you

Find someone you can trust

A broken heart hurts like hell

And although you may feel unwell

You can go on, you should, you must

To find someone you can really trust


Taken from my latest book Searching for you

3 thoughts on “Find someone you can trust

  1. So true. Finding someone you trust isn’t easy, or I should say, I don’t find it easy. Been hurt too many times and my trust is less trusting these days. I prefer to be alone rather than hurt. I hope you found that someone you can trust.

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    1. Yes I have found someone I can trust. It’s hard to trust people, certainly have been let down or hurt, we have our own rules after and it’s hard to meet people that can fit within sometimes. I have one or two friends, that’s it. Still I guess while to are looking for someone you have to be prepared. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince or princess charming

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