1. Searching for you

A teenage love


A teenage love

When I was young

I dated you

It was for fun

I was seventeen

Working too

You was fourteen

I didn’t know what to do

Friends can be cruel

And they got to me

Their taunts echoed

And we wasn’t to be

I split us up

I broke your heart

For those other people

It made them laugh

I regretted much

Of what I had done

You didn’t deserve

What had become

Years later we met

I made my peace

I showed you my poems

Which had set me free

You was cold

That I deserved

For all I had done

You didn’t accept a word

You walked out that day

You was right

You went out that door

And out of my life

That’s what you get

Peer pressure thump

Agony gets better

Face it, I was a chump


Photo pixabay

Taken from my latest poetry book: Searching for you by Philip Lister

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