1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Life sucks

When you’ve had a bad day

You wonder which way

To go in your life

Argued with the wife

Your kids hate you

It’s their point of view

That nothing is good enough

That’s the way it is. Tough!

Your job sucks like a wormhole

You don’t like your boss, arsehole!

You can’t find another job

Cause you’re a lazy slob

Bills just don’t stop coming in

Overdraft and credit cards sinned

Your car has broken down

Your face starting to frown

Your phone is almost flat

Forgot to charge, what a twat.

That’s it, decided to quit?

Look at yourself, stop being a dick


Current affairs · depression · Life

Life has turned to f**k

Rejection, I’m rejected, all against me

Again and again, darkness filling me

Been waiting for this answer, all day long

No, not this response, it must be wrong

I feel worthless, I’m nothing, a loser, that’s all

Nothing’s changed, I’m going to curl up in my ball

Rejection hurts, getting smacked with a bat

Keep down you shit, stay down flat

Your worthless, unneeded, pathetic mess

You failed, didn’t even pass the test

No matter how much you want it, not gonna change for you

Life isn’t easy, that’s a fact, unfortunately it’s true

I feel low, so low, so fucking low

I can’t shake this feeling, not gonna go!

What do I do? Please, some good luck

Because for the moment, my life has turned to Fuck!


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Phil lister 21/09/17