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A poet’s interaction with you!

Welcome all to my poetry page

I’m letting you all visit my cage

To see what inspires me, what makes me tick

Taste me like ice cream, go on have a lick

I like to shock, to cause a fuss

Stir emotion and occasionally to cuss

If I didn’t get reaction, my drug, my food

I would stop, starve myself, change my mood

To be low, emotionally on the floor

Opens my floodgates and I need to write more

If you all ignored me, It would cause me to doubt

My writing for you, for me, what’s it all about?

What makes me write is an addiction to me

To please the reader, to have a reaction you see

I like when you respond, talk to this loner

Cause I’m sorry, but i’m a bit of a Jonah

But when I see you comment I think you must like

And to me it’s the reason, the reason to write

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Phil lister 29/09/17