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Yes! Success!

In England

I had a good job

I was somebody

It meant a lot

I met someone

Things advanced

She fell pregnant

Wanted to return to France

We moved to France

Left my job

To have a baby

Gave up the lot

I regret not

The choice I made

To be a dad

Even if I was afraid

To be isolated

Conversation nul

Mute even

Life so dull

To start working

In fast food

Never thought possible

But I pushed through


Never felt as trapped

Not able to move

Started to look back

No, no, no

Same email always

With our regrets

Their negative way

I got a 4th interview

A large company

I sold myself

Take a chance on me

The next day at work

I see their lorry

Never noticed before

Will it be fate?

Will I be sorry?

I told myself

If it’s meant to be it will

Angie wished me Irish luck

And told me to chill

Finally some luck

Had shone on me

I’ve got the job

I’m so happy

8 months of applying

Depressing as it’s been

400 applications

Felt like a has been

I told my work

The news today

They were happy for me

In their own way

Goodbye to the fast food

The people that gave me my chance

Now to the new chapter

March the 12th I will dance!

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Phil lister 06/02/18