Project 1

Family has begun

Mum pushing hard, dad to the side

Breathing deep, worlds to collide

Head crowning, doctors in await

Towels ready, forceps in place

Baby arrives with all the mess

Screaming healthy, on mummas chest

Both crying, happiness and joy

This beautiful angel, hope for this boy

He quiets down, exhausted from the journey

Mum kisses his head, he whimpers quietly

She lays down her head, pillow so soft

Sleep envelops, raises her aloft


Dad breathes a sigh in awe and delight

This amazing world with this brand new life

Stepping out to take some fresh air

He inhales in, feeling so aware

That little soul reliant on him

Mother too, feels good within

He’ll always be there to serve and protect

His darling family, bewildingly perfect

What would he change? Nothing at all

In that hospital room, perfection so small


That first night as three, their own little room

Trying to feed him, over the moon

Milk going everywhere, never done this before

Feeling useless, this new never ending chore

Time for the burp, difficult to do

Not too hard, this will not do

A tiny tap, a little rub

And burp, the milk comes up

They look at each other, covered in sick

Then they burst out laughing, not caring one bit

As they cuddle each other, three as one

Family together, family has begun.


My latest book “Searching for you” is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

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WIP 2021

New project 2021 – Chapter 2 part 2

The road was dark he could not see that much. Only moonlight lighting his path in front. His feet were wet, socks soggy.

“Calm down Frank, stop the car and let’s talk” Rose pleaded. Frank sighed and pulled the car off the road. Waiting for the bombardment that was sure to come from his wife.

“We can’t continue like this, you tried to punch your son. You drink and you drive, You can’t even be proud of your son for what he has achieved” “He didn’t achieve anything,  he didn’t win” “What does it matter if he won or not, we are his parents,  we should support him and be proud of him for whatever he achieves or not”

“He said he wants to leave, I can’t have my baby leave me, not like that” “If you didn’t molly cuddle him all the time” “Well if you was a better father to him” she snapped. Frank started the car, fed up of the conversation.

“Do what you always do Frank, block me out, you know I’m right” He span the tyres again and the Mercedes sped off. “Slow down Frank” she shouted! He took a right, then continued a few miles before taking a left.

“You know if Paul does leave the house that I won’t stay,  I will go to if you don’t make things up with him” her voice so stern. Frank said nothing. He just stared at the road. Rain pouring down on the windscreen.

Frank was quietly crying to himself, Rose’s words had wounded him as if she had plunged a knife through his heart. He couldn’t imagine being without her. She cancelled out everything that was imperfect about him.

“You make this right, you make this right” she uttered.

“FRANK, LOOKOUT” Frank saw at the last moment and spun the wheel to swerve, narrowly missing the figure in the road. He tried to control the car by going the other way but the car was already off the road.

The car was rolling down the hill, Frank was breaking but it was too wet. In a couple of seconds the car hit a massive tree head on, the air bags exploding outwards but the damage was already done.

The windscreen had shattered, glass everywhere. The only noise coming from the car was horn.

Copyright © Philip Lister 2021

WIP 2021

New project 2021 – Chapter 2 part 1

Frank angry from the night’s events got into the black Mercedes. Rose opening the passenger door and closing behind her.

“Well that went well didn’t it” she said. “Don’t lecture me” Frank snapped. Angrily starting the car. The car screeched away leaving tyre tracks.

Paul had been walking for a while now uttering to himself with discontent for his dad. He was soaked through from the constant rain.

“Probably gonna catch a cold now because of that idiot, Why did he have to act like that? Showing me up in front of everyone!”

“I’m gonna get home, I’m gonna get my stuff and I’m gonna leave” he shouted to the sky.

Copyright © Philip Lister 2021