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Fantasy of a teacher

I can’t stop thinking about you, I anticipate our lesson every week

The way you talk, the way you teach, it makes me feel weak

I fantasize about you when you are there

You dazzle me with your gorgeous hair

I imagine I am the only one in the class

I can’t stop checking out your toned ass

I wonder what’s underneath your blouse

I bet you’ve silky skin and how

Your talking, professional, as always

Your eyes always attract my gaze

How do I tell you how I feel?

I will wait till the end of the lesson and kneel?

It’s so long waiting for the time to pass by

I see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye

The others are working, heads are all face down

You put your pen in your mouth, licking all around

Oh my god I’m rock hard I can’t even move

What have you done to me, oh I do approve

You unbutton one button and pull down one side

I see your neck, I’m here hypnotized

The class is over, I can’t get up

Embarrassingly enough, I’m up and stuck

The class walks out, there’s just me and you

You approach me, oh god, what are you going to do?

“i know what you want, we haven’t got much time”

“relax, enjoy, I’m going to make you mine”

She unzips my fly and releases me from my trap

She drops to her knees and starts sucking just like that

She looks at me with her eyes, turning me on

She leans forward just enough to expose her thong

Oh my god, she’s amazing, she is so good at that

I can’t stop myself, oh god there’s no going back

She continues to suck she doesn’t even stop

Oh my god she took it all, every single drop

” Now perhaps you can concentrate in my class”

“i saw you every time checking out my ass”

I zip myself up amazed at what just went on

The next class starts to enter “come on class, move along”


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Phil lister 30/09/17