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Sweet sixteen part 1

Sweet sixteen in sunny Southend

Having fun with all my friends

I see a girl so cute to me

I wonder if we could talk, maybe

I suck up the courage we start to chat

She has lovely curls, her hair tied back

That golden hair so firey red

I’m so mixed up within my head

Do you want to go out on a date?

I asked to her, but I had to wait

She had to go, to leave me there

I felt rejected, I could only stare

I walk back home, 10 miles in the cold

Seemed to take hours, the cold taking hold

I checked my Nokia every five minutes

Stressing myself out, feeling so sick

Would she call would she text?

If she did what would we do next?

I got ready for bed, getting fed up

She never called, I had had enough

I layed down sighing to myself

Would I always be single? On the shelf?

I cried to myself, feeling so depressed

Eventually falling asleep, finally getting rest

Dreaming of her, wishing to be close

In her arms, wishing to never be let go

Woken up, in the middle of the night

Telephone ringing, gave me a fright

Can’t even see, where did my glasses go?

I try to make it out, such a fuzzy glow

My god it’s her, she finally text

I find my glasses under the bed

What do I write? How do I start?

Could this be a beautiful depart?


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