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For you! No one else

Wake up, pull yourself out of bed

Get up, move that sleepy head

Bathroom, take your morning drugs

Mirror, don’t look at that mug

Kettle, boil that water good

Coffee, strong as it should

Sit down, play on that phone a bit

Sigh, world has gone to shit

Listen, to that silence all around

Can you hear? nothing, all around

Taste, that coffee, as it swirls down

Better, to soften the frown

Still depressed, can’t get out of bed

Move your ass, go get fed

Force yourself, to eat something

Wondering, what will this day bring?

Courage, go get dressed

Yesterday’s clothes, such a wreck

Hair, don’t worry, no one cares

Fuck em, they can all stare

Car keys, out the door quick

Fresh air, feeling sick

Do this, believe in yourself

For you! No one else


What is the key

I’m really struggling at the moment.

I don’t know how to think, how to feel or how to be.

It has been a very long time coming and I don’t know what I really expected.

My determination is probably the only thing that is going to get me through this.

Even though I feel battered every which way from Saturday.

My sleep patterns are up the wall, I don’t care. I’m irritable, irrational.

My problem solving competences are terrible. I have a constant headache, often stomach aches and dizzy.

I look like shit

How do you get through it? What is the key?

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I remember before

When things were good

When we smiled

When we laughed

When we cried

When we made love

When we talked for hours

When we cuddled

When we were close

When we were happy

When we were sad

That’s all they are now


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Trying to be strong

My emotions are really overcoming now

Trying to be strong

But the shell has been cracked

And water is forcing itself in

I don’t know what will kill me first

The suffocation or the want to leave

The tears won’t stop coming

I can be free but I don’t want to

I could leave but I don’t want to

I could end it but I don’t want to

I could live but I don’t want to

I don’t want to eat

I don’t want to live

I don’t want to work

I don’t want to love

I don’t want to be loved

Overwhelmed is a feeling?

Purgatory is possible when we are alive?

When I die I want to be burnt

I want to be free

Don’t put me in a box

Forcing people to visit me

Let me fly one last time

Let me feel the wind

I love not feeling it’s coldness

It feels good not being cold

I’m tired

I wish I could be helped

This soul is lost

It’s hard to find light

When darkness is all around us

I cut my eyes out

Because I don’t want to see anymore

Please take them



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I can’t help but cry

As you stare into my soul

You see my every weakness

My flaws laid bare

I can’t help but cry


I want to be held

Not daring to move

My eyes unable to look at you

You take me in your arms

Holding me close

Your touch feels so good

I can’t help but cry


I tighten our embrace

In fear of rupture

I breathe your odour

Smelling your hair

Pulling you closer

Until you move away

Pushing my face up

I can’t help but cry


Your lips embrace mine

Everything will be ok

I can’t help but cry


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Even though you’re gone

I used to look for love

Craved it more than anything

But now I’m so lost on my path

Fighting myself within

Where did I wander?

Falling to the abyss

Why were my choices so wrong?

What was so amiss?

What is wrong with me now?

Why does it fall apart?

Such pity and self doubt

Pumping through my heart

I just question everything I do

As if every decision was wrong

How can you still be with me?

Even though you’re gone?

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Will you go?

Never good enough

Everyone screams

You’d think it was

A murder scene

No one listens

As hearts break

Realising all

Was a mistake

Told to go

Get your stuff

Get the fuck out

Had enough

Think about it

Before you leave


Life upheaved

What do you want?

Do you even know?

Will you stay?

Will you go?

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

My ex the ice queen

My ex, I called her the ice queen

My name for her because she was mean

She wasn’t always like that to start

But that girl tore my heart apart

A year and a half I wasted with her

We argued once and she cowered

She did not want me to have a life

To her this just seemed right

She split up with me Christmas eve

I couldn’t accept it I was so peeved

I took it hard, I left that day

On the train on a new way

I couldn’t stand it, the rejection killed

That queen smothered me and broke my will

I tried getting back on with things

So I took on what life would bring

One day I saw her, I saw her again

That girl knew just how to get in my brain

We studied in London we waited for a train

How she was so smug it drove me insane

She talked about her boyfriend running her a bath

Oh that smug bitch, how could she laugh

I’m over her now, but it took a long while

That ice queen bite was viscous, even vile

Philip lister 11/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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