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Let me out

So you want to get into my head?

Are you sure doctor? my head’s a mess

I can’t understand it, the emptiness I feel

Nothing will quell it, not even the pills

I quite like the darkness, its comforting way

I’ve got used to it, keeping demons at bay

Though I don’t talk aloud, only to myself

Otherwise you would worry, for my mental health

I’m ok doc, I assure you, it’s true!

I worry about me, you worry about you

My days will dwindle on, just trickling by

Pitter patter rain drops, falling from the sky

Do you hear them doc? drip drip drop

I love listening, like a ticking clock

It’s funny how these sounds, we grow to love

Cherishing pattern, can never have enough

Well I guess that’s the end, can I go now?

I do hope to see you again, I hope somehow

You are such a great listener, how you listen good

All the shrinks before you never even could

You know I’m not dangerous, not really doc

The last time surprised me, a real real shock

When can I get out of here? let me free please

What, do I have to beg? Down on my knees

I promise I’ll be good, I swear on my life

If you don’t let me out, I’ll cut you with a knife

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