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Tormented Dad

I’m sick of being nice

I’ve taken so much crap

My rage has been building up

I’m gonna use a bat!


Bad luck follows me about

Followed by it wasn’t meant to be

Doors just close on my face

This Shit always happens to me!


Rejection, bollocks,

I’ve had enough

I’m Fucking good

But can’t get any luck


Weekends working,

This has got to change

My kids do not deserve this

I’m going deranged!


Abused outside the court room

Keep my calm

Oh how I would of liked

To of caused harm


But nice old me

Said nothing like I do

And got walked over

Like a trampled poo


Could of been nasty

Stuck in the knife

That is luckily not me

Affecting someone else’s life


I thought two steps ahead

Of the knock on effect

Overall who would suffer

From my move to dissect


As I believe

It is not for me to say

I know that life will present

All her nasty ways


And although maybe I’m bitter

My hatred so strong

I’ve always tried

Just to get along


For the sake of our boy

Who deserves none of this

For all your selfish actions

Even when you take the piss


I will be civil

Even though I can’t stand you

Your bullshit will show finally

And your transparency will shine through


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Phil lister 20/01/18