New work

I’m a little bee

Ooohh I like being a little bee

Buzz buzz buzz

Nectar just for me

I fly fly fly

Till the lovely smelling flower

Mmmm it’s good

I could do this for hours

This garden is so lovely

Colours all around

People mowing lawns

The chorus of the sounds

I love the people watching me

As I am working so hard

Don’t they know I’m a busy bee?

Not to be en retard

I have to get back

My work is almost done

Starting to get colder now

What’s happening to the sun?

Quick quick quick

Time to get home

Into the hive

That’s where I’ll roam

With all my lovely family

I missed all you guys

Sleep tight everyone

I’m so tired, good night

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It sucks doesn’t it

It sucks doesn’t it

Your life

Ticking you off a bit,

Making you glum

Not much fun?

Burn their bums!

Take them to the shed

Off with their heads

Put them to bed

Is that too crude?

Sorry to be rude

Go on intrude

They don’t mind

Go on unwind

Hit them in time

Vile hands

Ageing sands

Crappy bands

Why you here?

For my beer

Your too near

Bang goes my gun

To the floor

Oh what fun


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Phil lister 05/10/17