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I never got to ask you


I never got to ask you

And now I never will

So many thoughts in my mind

Alone is how I feel


I cannot hit stop

My mind will not allow

If only you could hear me

My voice, somehow


What happens to our love

When we drift apart?

Where does it go

When we have to restart?


How much do we have to hurt

Before the pain subsides?

Does it hurt for them as well

How it hurts me inside?


Will it just pass away

Along with the time?

Will it just stay with me

One day to feel fine?


As lying to ourselves

To surpress the obvious truth

Seems easier to us

Than seeing the actual proof


And which of us is unbroken

Tattered in shadowed thoughts?

Now feeling enormous regret

Wishing that they had fought


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Searching for you

The one that got away


What’s in the box?

My recollections of you

Tears and sadness

Memories too


The days that passed

Daydreaming in the clouds

Dancing freely

You were my wow


You slipped through my fingers

My biggest mistake

I made my choices

Now it’s too late


My life in darkness

Regrets eat my soul

The day you left

Lost in a black hole


You thought only about you

For every little thing

That was your song

What you would always sing


I loved you

My heart always will

Torn out and crushed

So many tears spilt


The one that got away

You selfish inconsiderate one

Lessons learnt, scars for life

Even if I was just some fun


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That first love…maybe


That first time when your young and you see a girl

Her beauty overwhelms you, and it hurts like hell

She’s so beautiful in your eyes
You steal glances, your magnetized

Wait till she’s not looking, looking away now

That innocent smile, oh my God, wow!

Do you dare talk to her? What do you say?

Go on, take your chance, maybe today?

He he hello how are you is what you could say?

But how would she react, would she stay?

Your eternal shyness is getting to you

Come on, just once, try and follow through

That first magical love could be right now

If you don’t try once, you’ll never know how.


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Phil lister 31/08/17

Picture – pixabay