New work

Thirst of greed

We were once free

But now they are coming

Feet pounding the ground

Buildings shelled

Aircraft deafening

The sky has changed

A rancid black

Where has the hope gone?

What has happened to our destiny?

We have to help ourselves

As no-one else will

If you are able,


As freedom has evaporated

This will become our lives

Our norm

We will have to accept

Freedom will always win

But many lives will pay the cost

And the sea of red

Will be the consequence

Of a thirst of greed

Of dominance

Say a prayer

New work

The secret is out!

Is it normal I don’t have a voice?

Is it normal I don’t have a choice?

Is it normal you can touch me where you want?

Is it normal that I can’t stop you and you won’t?

Do I have to keep my mouth shut for the rest of my life?

Do I have to live with the torment, suffer the lies?

Do I have to watch on as you do what you do again?

Do I have to worry that the next person may be my friend?

I am scared but I will stay silent no more

I am scared but I was never your whore

I am scared of what you may do to me

I am scared but my conscious is free

The secret is out I hope you will be shamed

The secret is out, an end to your game

The secret is out, to be censored like me

The secret is out…