Searching for you

I missed you

.I missed you while you were awayI’m waiting to see you todayI’m looking forward to hugging youBecause 3 days really hasn’t flewIt’s been quiet here, alone in bedQuiet each time I lie down my headCoffee for one each morning just for meNo extra spoon of coffee, not to be.It won’t be long, you’ll be here soonI’m at the door, my heart going BOOM!.Find this and other love poems in my new kindle book “Searching for you” available now.

happy · Life · love

Forever happy

I wait just to hear your next word

You have me here like a sheep in your herd

Spending time with you is effortless

I study your movements, every geste

How you talk, how you smile, when your happy

When we cuddle close, warm, hugging gladly

The silent moments never, awkward never too long

When we sing together along to your favourite song

When I joke and you laugh with your little dimple

And that spot on your face, your little pimple

Your perfect in every way you’d ever need to be

That’s why I love you, and hope to stay forever happy


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Phil lister 30/09/17

Picture – pixabay