fantasy · happy

Almighty dude

I met him once

Up in the sky

Thought he was mad

This crazy guy

Power did rage

In cloudy haze

Ever watching

Always botching

Do you believe

He asked to me

Why do you ask

Is it a mask

I will not judge

Don’t give a fudge

You’ll smite me

Oh happily

Then what’s the point

Let’s smoke a joint


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I am almighty!

I feel strong, I believe in me

I am God, I am almighty

I feel no pain

Never restrained

I can walk on water, watch my feet

Even the water is scared of defeat

I raise my hand and fire descends

My volcanic fireball, no defence

I am great, feel my power

This is now, this is my hour

Kneel before me, do what I ask

Kill for me, fulfil my task

I am good, I am evil

Look at me now, how powerful!


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Phil lister 29/09/17