I am almighty!

I feel strong, I believe in me

I am God, I am almighty

I feel no pain

Never restrained

I can walk on water, watch my feet

Even the water is scared of defeat

I raise my hand and fire descends

My volcanic fireball, no defence

I am great, feel my power

This is now, this is my hour

Kneel before me, do what I ask

Kill for me, fulfil my task

I am good, I am evil

Look at me now, how powerful!


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Phil lister 29/09/17

3 thoughts on “I am almighty!

    1. Surprisingly enough I am not a big reader, now I started writing I tend to read what I can on WordPress but I get bored very quickly, thank you, random fiction again. I like a good title to attract the reader too. Thank you for the inspiration for this one. I must look up ozymandius


      1. You surely can look upto it. Easily available on Google. And I myself am not much of a poetry reader but just a writer of it. Btw i read ozymandius only coz it was in my exam syllabus last year. 😌😝


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