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Next challenge please!

I had 6 responses, I did 6 poems in less than 12 hours

Hi guys, I thought of this and I really like the idea of me interacting with you, sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration. 

So guys, Inspiration for next poem please, Hit me with your best shot and I’ll try and convert it with my ideas for your pleasure and mine

Stay positive! X

17 thoughts on “Next challenge please!

  1. Why don’t you write something you might write in your darkest moments. You know like somethwould come straight out of the dark side of yours. We all have one which shows at the surface every then and now. Just a suggestion.

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      1. Ohhh thank god. Finally the comment got posted. I tried to comment in the very first hour of your post being published, but there were some issues with my blog, something went wrong. I am so glad my comment is finally posted.

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