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A little bit about me


Here it goes, I’m a simple lad, complicated and mad,

I’m calm, wild, ecstatic, spontaneous and sad

I am from England, lived there till I was 27

From then on I came to France, it wasn’t exactly heaven

I got two kids, a 6 year old and a baby too

I’d do anything for them, my girlfriend too

It’s pretty lonesome in France, in the country here

Mainly boredom around us, nothingness to endear

I like to play games but I’ve pretty much stopped

So I write my poetry to stop me losing the plot

When I’m sad the words just flow

I start to write, away I go

Is that enough information for you?

I hope through your spyglass you enjoy the view


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Phil lister 29/09/17


5 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. You’re very prolific! Gifted with an innate ability to quickly come with conversational poetic words. Thanks for sharing of yourself.:) I only know of England or France through movies and what others share. God loves you!

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  2. Well I don’t really have much idea about both places
    But I loved the image of you with your loving family
    A daughter that must have got you
    Wrapped around her fingers
    And a baby, with a hot gf too
    But, I got sad
    Thinking you being lonely
    But well your talent
    Us enough mad
    Don’t just use it to pass your time and please your mind
    Rather indulge it in your soul
    Take it with you wherever you go
    Let it be in your heartbeats
    That your body endures…

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    1. My poetry is when I indulge myself, my job to get by, my gf and kids are for life. Fortunately I don’t get too much free time because it is boring in the country side with crap internet. No 24 h shopping here, cannot eat out what you like, how I miss fish and chips, proper Chinese and Indian food and English breakfast and roast dinners. Mmmmmmmmmmmm


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