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To be inspired

It takes a lot to be inspired, to leave your cosy shell

Some people find it easy, for others it is hell

Not knowing what to do, to let the words flow

How to get them out there, which way to go?

Put them down on paper, or trace them in your head

Sing em in the shower, or when you go to bed

Now isn’t that better? Bit of fun for the brain

It shouldn’t be a chore, let’s do this again?

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Inspirational November

I am incomplete

Stuttering heartbeat

Repeating mess

All the less


Passionately blind


Seeking bliss

Looking forever

Trying to be clever

Raising hell

Alarm bells

Impossible challenge

Beat and avenge

Thrive to be

Someone free

Life to short

Cannot abort

Cowards way out

I scream and shout

Toujour defiant

Constantly reliant

Ask my friend

We do not bend

Change life

Take a knife

Cut through the wall

Stop being small

Today be you

That’s all you can do

Tomorrow is too late

Hey, why wait


I love being positive, it’s certainly not easy, but if I can make one person feel positive it will make me happy. I’ve had a really crappy long month, (we’re 20 days through) if your feeling down look at 1 positive point in your life and write me a comment noting it, bless yourself with that! And build from there, write a poem screaming out, there are many things in life that get us down if we let them, but there are many people worse off then me so I am the lucky one. 



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Phil lister 20/11/17


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Looking for someone to write about

Hi all, looking for inspiration again. I would like to write about someone, someone who has suffered. I would like to write several poems on homelessness, addiction, refugees, losing somebody, dying. If you would consider sharing your story with me I would be honored to write a poem using your words and experiences.

Please get in contact and send me a message to my email address. If you have any photos you would like to use send them too. Stay positive.

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A little bit about me


Here it goes, I’m a simple lad, complicated and mad,

I’m calm, wild, ecstatic, spontaneous and sad

I am from England, lived there till I was 27

From then on I came to France, it wasn’t exactly heaven

I got two kids, a 6 year old and a baby too

I’d do anything for them, my girlfriend too

It’s pretty lonesome in France, in the country here

Mainly boredom around us, nothingness to endear

I like to play games but I’ve pretty much stopped

So I write my poetry to stop me losing the plot

When I’m sad the words just flow

I start to write, away I go

Is that enough information for you?

I hope through your spyglass you enjoy the view


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Phil lister 29/09/17


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A poet’s interaction with you!

Welcome all to my poetry page

I’m letting you all visit my cage

To see what inspires me, what makes me tick

Taste me like ice cream, go on have a lick

I like to shock, to cause a fuss

Stir emotion and occasionally to cuss

If I didn’t get reaction, my drug, my food

I would stop, starve myself, change my mood

To be low, emotionally on the floor

Opens my floodgates and I need to write more

If you all ignored me, It would cause me to doubt

My writing for you, for me, what’s it all about?

What makes me write is an addiction to me

To please the reader, to have a reaction you see

I like when you respond, talk to this loner

Cause I’m sorry, but i’m a bit of a Jonah

But when I see you comment I think you must like

And to me it’s the reason, the reason to write

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Phil lister 29/09/17




Hi guys, I thought of this and I really like the idea of me interacting with you, sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration. 

So guys, Inspiration for next poem please, Hit me with your best shot and I’ll try and convert it with my ideas for your pleasure and mine

Stay positive! X