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Inspirational November

I am incomplete

Stuttering heartbeat

Repeating mess

All the less


Passionately blind


Seeking bliss

Looking forever

Trying to be clever

Raising hell

Alarm bells

Impossible challenge

Beat and avenge

Thrive to be

Someone free

Life to short

Cannot abort

Cowards way out

I scream and shout

Toujour defiant

Constantly reliant

Ask my friend

We do not bend

Change life

Take a knife

Cut through the wall

Stop being small

Today be you

That’s all you can do

Tomorrow is too late

Hey, why wait


I love being positive, it’s certainly not easy, but if I can make one person feel positive it will make me happy. I’ve had a really crappy long month, (we’re 20 days through) if your feeling down look at 1 positive point in your life and write me a comment noting it, bless yourself with that! And build from there, write a poem screaming out, there are many things in life that get us down if we let them, but there are many people worse off then me so I am the lucky one. 



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Phil lister 20/11/17


8 thoughts on “Inspirational November

  1. I have lots of positives for sure, but for the sake of this comment I will say that I am happy there is quite a bit of snow outside my door, the wild bunnies bounce around out there, digging in it and being all around super cute and I donโ€™t have to leave the house today. ๐Ÿ’•

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