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The next dictator

Thanks to sherell for this comment:

Wanna be rich

Have it all

Screw the world

Have a ball

Be tempted

By greed true

Suck me in

Glutton do

Sex volantaire

Riches, mountainous

Power great

I don’t make mistakes

Punish me if you dare

Invincible I am

Nothing can stop me

Not even the man

I will destroy you

Into a pulp

Pity your being

My greatness you gulp

Until the next dictator

Will stop me in my tracks

I am the almighty

No going back


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Phil lister 22/04/18

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Get out!



I can’t stand you

Your face

What are you still doing here?


Get out

Walk out my life

Your too much

Always right

Under my skin

Boiling within

Nestled needles

Prickly heat

Thousands of eyes

Watching me

Stop looking


I’m innocent

Am I?


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Phil lister 08/11/17

Picture: pixabay


I am almighty!

I feel strong, I believe in me

I am God, I am almighty

I feel no pain

Never restrained

I can walk on water, watch my feet

Even the water is scared of defeat

I raise my hand and fire descends

My volcanic fireball, no defence

I am great, feel my power

This is now, this is my hour

Kneel before me, do what I ask

Kill for me, fulfil my task

I am good, I am evil

Look at me now, how powerful!


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Phil lister 29/09/17