New work


What is this feeling

Why does it tiptoe into my mind every night

On the pillow cushioning my head

As the gravity pulls me in

Conscience becomes so apparent

As if to say I’m here

Like that one night stand you regret

When your bed is smaller

Pushing against you

Spooning you

No is not a response

You have to accept it

Sadness won’t leave you alone

Sadness is home

It is here to stay

New work

My beautiful dahlia

My beautiful dahlia

My beautiful dahlia

How I have longed to see you

Your vibrant red

Pulsing through

How I wait patiently

For you to bloom

As you take your sunlight

Through and through

Only a couple more days

As you make your final burst

Dahlia of springtime

To see the very first

New work

Be free

Please forgive me

My judgement

My actions

Darkness weighs me down

As my conscience suffocates my every breath

As the bird tries to escape

From where it was once happy

Pecking it’s limbs

Freedom given up

But at what cost

Self esteem worth nothing

As if water leaving the drain

The heavy rain showering the shame

As bliss never was

Tears of wanting



Why search for something

That seems to be a myth

Maybe just an idea

In the ideal world