fantasy · love


Stood beside you

You can’t see him

But you know

He’s there


You should be scared

But you want to give

Your purity

To him


You don’t know when

Nor how it will begin

You just want to

Be loved


All of a sudden

Your one desire pounces

His true thirst

Your blood

Life · love

Forbidden fruit


Temptation, multiple senses

Magnetic pull

Forbidden fruit ripened

Salivating for a mouthful

Maybe the most delicious

Like you have never tasted

Dare to touch it?

Caress it’s curves?

Peel back the skin?

Reveal its naked flesh?

It could destroy you

With beautiful allure

Hypnotized by its aroma

Bewitched or cursed

Go on take a bite


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Phil lister 31/05/18