New work

James Lott Jr you have been roasted


I know a guy

Funny as hell

James lott jr

Out of his shell


In the jungle

His garden in LA

He wants a roast

Time to play


It’s hot over there

A lot of sun

He works so much

He’s lost his buns


He’s a leftie

Weird is that

He don’t like scissors

He likes to act


He sings to himself

Too old too fat

What a sick beat

Too loud too black


Masked singer is in town

Where has he gone

They unmask the winner

James has won


He is a taurus

He’s always sipping tea

The cool cuddly hunk

Happy as can be


Now in his garden

Tending his flowers

He’s got green fingers

What super powers


What did I say

About this super man

Look at him jump

He is the man!



My first poetry available for purchase.