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I see you

Yes, You

You don’t know it

Moi non plus


We are

Meant to be

However unlikely

Bubbling free


Many miles

Never cross lanes

Minds collide

Passions thrive


Give yourself

Release all

Exhaust ourselves

We fall


A penny

For them

Can never reveal

Lips sealed


Secret true

Love beautiful

Impossible torment

Forever true

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Phil lister 17/04/18

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Can you keep a secret? 

Any secret will do

What is your secret

Is it about you?
I see it now, observing you

I can see in your eyes

You did that, my god

You keep it well disguised
I am not here to judge

I will not judge at all

I will not tell another soul

Trust me and stand tall
Does it ever eat away?

Eat away inside

Do you ever tell yourself

That you cannot tell a lie?
I am sure you had a reason

A reason for it

If you ever need to talk

Even just a bit
I am here to listen

Listen to you

Tell me your secret

I’ll keep your secret too


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Phil lister 24/10/17