Life · Success

The egoistic man

There was a poor old man

A poor old man was he

He used to pray to his god

Selfish as can be


Why do you not help me out

Help me to be rich

Please give me lots of wealth

Don’t treat me like a bitch


A holy man took pity on him

Wanting to give him a break

So he too prayed for him

Hoping it wasn’t a mistake


God appeared before him

Is this a joke my son

This man thinks only of him

What will he become


The Holy man insisted again

And God agreed to help

To help the selfish man

I will offer him wealth


The poor man was off one day

On his way to pray

Every day he walked the same

He never changed his way


So God prepared some gems

Priceless incredible gleam

He put them on the poor man’s path

They only had to be seen


I know, I’ll close my eyes today

The man said to himself

He walked across the gems

Without realising their wealth


What are these things under my feet

As he kicked them out the way

That stupid silly selfish man

Would live to regret that day


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depression · Life

A selfish friend

Why do you do this to me?

Again and again

Why do I have to suffer

I thought you was a friend


Mixed messages from dusk till dawn

One way, all the time

Suit yourself you always do

 All for you, my point of view


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Phil lister 15/10/17