1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Killed by a kamikaze

I didn’t see you coming

Waiting for me, pondering

I am just minding my own business

Before you meet me with your viciousness

I’m thinking of my partner, wife or child

Not knowing what will happen, all the while

Of what you have in store for me

Screams I hear, people flee

Crashing vehicle, carnage ensues

Killing machine, whomever you choose

And then the moment arrives

You are there with a knife

What are you going to do with that knife

Oh the pain I feel, oh my life

I fall to the floor, a crimson mess

Crying in pain, calling with distress

Blood filling my mouth, feeling weak

Crawling along the ground, cannot speak

My final moments, thinking of my life

Killed by a kamikaze, with a knife.


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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It’s so sad

It’s so sad, another attack

It’s so sad, another flashback

It’s so sad, lives are lost again

It’s so sad, family and friends

It’s so sad, innocence stolen

It’s so sad, anger swollen

It’s so sad, hatred felt

It’s so sad, violence dealt

It’s so sad, why does it have to be like this?

Innocent people surely missed

Poem taking directly from my book “Rhyming poetry to change your day” I hope yours is good, come what may.