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It is the day

We’ve been waiting for

Them strangers banging

At the door

I haven’t paid the bills

I’m burdened by debt

The landlord’s had enough

He’s taking back the let

We’ve spent many years

Living here

Raised the kids

We’ve drank many beers

But I’m out of work

Sold everything

I’m in a mess

I’d give anything

Where will we go?

Do they care?

All the neighbours

Stop to stare

Are we vermin?

The scum of the earth

No, we’re just poor

We have no worth

The door slams open

They burst in

The time is now

To be put in the bin

I hold my family

Close to my chest

I can’t breathe

I can’t bear the rest


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Phil lister 10/05/18

3 thoughts on “Eviction

  1. I was scrolling through and the title of this poem caught my eye – it inspired my own poem for the day! I really enjoyed the flow of this poem, smooth and quick. If you’re interested to see what you inspired, come check out my site!

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