13 thoughts on “Advice

    1. Really? Perhaps an idiot isn’t smart enough to know he needs advice?? Like hey buddy the bridge is out, don’t go down there? Or, if you use a table saw without a safety guard you could cut off your finger??

      There are two sides to this issue. The advice giver may feel superior and the one to whom it is offered doesn’t like feeling “Uninformed or stupid”.

      I find it hard to believe that people who don’t know how to do something find it rude for someone to try and be helpful or offer safety info. Is that the arrogance of a fool? No one forces anyone to take the advice offered.

      Not really a Bible thumper but it is one point of view.
      Proverbs 12:15
      The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.

      Something to consider? Just me. To each their own!

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      1. If you ask for advice and didn’t take it I can see your point in terms of being foolish. If somebody asked for my advice I may give them my opinion but I don’t advise anybody because I’m not in their shoes and I would never want anyone to put the responsibility of their choice on me. Such as “she told me to do it”

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      2. I asked for advice, I was young and made my decision, with age comes wisdom and experience, I made a different choice this time saying I should of done the same thing before. I will not make the same mistake twice

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      3. Perhaps he is not, I regret not taking advice given because I was too proud to take it. I know now it was the wrong decision, it is meant to cause a discussion and to divide. Obviously people will disagree.

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    2. Interesting semantics! Sometimes it is both – you might want to turn around (advice) because the bridge is out (warning).

      It’s always best to check to see if someone is interested in some helpful advice. They aren’t really an idiot – perhaps rude or a little pushy! Or maybe just the overly protective parent or grandparent trying to help another soul from making the same kind of bad choices they once made or to keep them from falling into a trap or being taken advantage of. Advice is just that advice. A bit of information passed along to be helpful.

      So, just curious, if you saw someone, kids perhaps engaged in an activity that was unwise and maybe hurtful you think it would be better to keep silent if your advice could help or protect them? I believe we should respect peoples right to be uninformed if it is expressed!
      Blessings to you!


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