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Libya; obey


I walked for miles ending at a camp

My legs throbbing with pain from all the cramp

The sun scolded me with its piercing rays

Nothing could ever keep that heat at bay

Others famished, spread all around the place

What did we do, what was our mistake

Looking for some help, water for my thirst

I came across some men, seemed nice at first

After time on the road, hard to give trust

All want something in return, that’s a must

One held out a bottle inviting me

I begged on the dirt, I was so thirsty

Arms stretched out clasping the bottle so dear

I felt a blow, ringing now in my ears

As I fell to the ground, helpless I lay

I closed shut my eyes, I could only pray

They would do as they pleased, never enough

They would laugh and snigger, always so rough

No one ever helped or came to my aid

I would be killed if I didn’t obey

Reaching for the water, just before me

Yanked by one of them, back up to my feet

He looked at me, with his gold teeth smile

His breath was putrid, it smelt just vile

Placing a collar, I tried to resist

Showing me his knife, before a small kiss

Led away like a dog, I dared not scream

I wished I could wake up from this bad dream

What was next for me, pissing myself

I wish I were dead, that’s what I felt


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