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I will remember him

I watched him pulling up in his expensive car

I had seen him driving slow from afar

I offered to clean, with my water and rag

The window opened and there was a young lad

He had a toy tractor, yellow and green

This amazing toy my eyes had never seen

He let me play with it for a second or two

He smiled at me, then offered it too

I was so happy, by this boy’s geste

I searched my affairs with behest

I shared a sweet that mother had made

He ate with me, it made my day

The car drove off, he waved goodbye

I will remember him, till the day I die


1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Fight to survive

The stench of them, escapees, days it has been

In the boat, it’s horrific scenes

Piss, sweat, blood and tears

Silence wearily breeding fear

Little water, no food left

Weak pushed overboard, laid to rest

They’ve paid their money to board the boat

It’s a wonder it has stayed afloat

Coming up to land, they see it there

They start to overcome their despair

“Out of the boat” someone cries

Pushed into the water by the other guys

Winded, swallowing water now

You are submerged, pushed down, and how

You try to fight with others around you

All of you battling to breathe too

You hear shouting, just muffled sounds

You feel other people’s bodies all around

You come to the surface and catch your breath

It seems like you have passed the test

You look around in the water near you

Drowned bodies in a sea of death stew

This is the freedom you have seeked

Only for the strong, not the weak

You swim for the shore, as hard as you can

What will you do? What will be your plan?

It’s still so far, so far away

Will you reach it? Get there today?

You push and push, more and more

You start to touch the sea floor

Exhausted, emotional, you reach the land

You feel the ground, the wet sand

You start to cry, you’re an emotional mess

To survive all that, you must have been blessed

Poem taking directly from my book “Rhyming poetry to change your day” I hope yours is good, come what may.

Iambic Pentometer · Life · news

Libya; obey


I walked for miles ending at a camp

My legs throbbing with pain from all the cramp

The sun scolded me with its piercing rays

Nothing could ever keep that heat at bay

Others famished, spread all around the place

What did we do, what was our mistake

Looking for some help, water for my thirst

I came across some men, seemed nice at first

After time on the road, hard to give trust

All want something in return, that’s a must

One held out a bottle inviting me

I begged on the dirt, I was so thirsty

Arms stretched out clasping the bottle so dear

I felt a blow, ringing now in my ears

As I fell to the ground, helpless I lay

I closed shut my eyes, I could only pray

They would do as they pleased, never enough

They would laugh and snigger, always so rough

No one ever helped or came to my aid

I would be killed if I didn’t obey

Reaching for the water, just before me

Yanked by one of them, back up to my feet

He looked at me, with his gold teeth smile

His breath was putrid, it smelt just vile

Placing a collar, I tried to resist

Showing me his knife, before a small kiss

Led away like a dog, I dared not scream

I wished I could wake up from this bad dream

What was next for me, pissing myself

I wish I were dead, that’s what I felt


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