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Stupid test

Oh I love to wear a mask

Oh I love to feel so daft

Feeling muzzled just like a dog

Glasses steaming with stupid fog

Now I’m waiting in my line

Like a sheep just stuck behind

Hey stand back! You’re in my space

Can’t you see my I don’t care face

I’m poking my tongue out, just for you

Oh darn it, did you see it, sorry, oops

Don’t hit me, I apologise mate

Can’t you see it was just a mistake

God we’re going crazy, what a bloody mess

It’s the new road rage, everyone’s upset

Can’t take a joke. Sticking things up the nose

I think about funny things, cheesy smelly toes

Now that passes better, that second of pain

Stupid medical test, Like it’s a game

It didn’t really hurt, that tear in my eye

Just a bit of dust caught me by surprise

Until the next time, sure I’ll see you again

It wasn’t that bad, even if there is no end

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That hotel will never be forgot

I remember that hotel

Never seen as bad as that

Shocked when I opened the door

Gave me a heart attack


The bed was disgusting

Made me want to heave

Dirty with stains on it

I just wanted to leave


The air con was a death trap

Cables black and bare

Surely if I touched them

I would shock all my hair


The bathroom don’t get me started

The shower covered in mould

The filthy escape vent

200 years old


I don’t know how I slept

That night I was so stressed

My shadow danced with the shadows

My soul so scared it left


The morning I went for breakfast

Biscotte was all I got

Included in the price

That hotel will never be forgot


Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

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I have a fidoodle

Whatever that is

Is it a poodle

Or is it a fish

Midnight laughed so

From this doodle bug

Can’t stop herself

Can’t get enough

What do you say

To the god of fidoodle

Do you wanna fight

Or a spicy pot noodle

Can you pick it

Like you pick your nose

It’s a fidoodle

No one knows

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