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Time slow, painful, how long it must have been

Waiting for them, all this new and obscene.

Hours pass by, comfort never ever so bad

Until the time, no return now, it’s mad.

Unknown future, as they welcome one more

The tears and emotion, she is so raw.

Pityful noise, defenseless as can be

Tiny, covered in white, is now so free.

Heart to warm skin, feeling of her, serene

Slumber to her warm breast, you can now dream.


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Phil lister 07/06/18

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10 months

Our little baby girl

In your little baby world

10 months passed so quick

We don’t regret one bit

You allume our day with your smile

Your blue eyes gleaming all the while

Play with your toys make a mess

Say our names our little princess

Make us feel better with a little hug

Show mummy and daddy your baby love


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Phil lister 07/01/18

depression · family · happy · Life · love

Zombie trance

My brain is elsewhere

My body, I don’t know yet

Headaches, migraines

All the time you can bet

I am a robot

No, maybe a zombie

Trance endlessly

Lost as can be

Sometimes at work

I get dizzy, it’s hard

I wait to pass out

And hit the floor hard

Pills, oh often

Each day, everyday

Need it for the teething

My baby’s bad day

One day ends

Next begins

I feel like crap

But it’s me who’ll win


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Phil lister 08/10/17

depression · family · Life · love

His name is Jared


I longed to have a child, I longed to be a mum

But according to the medical world it could not be done

Oh the grief I felt to need to mother a child

Adoption for my partner just turned out too wild

So I sat there in my gloom, feeling sorry for myself

My motherhood instincts destined for the shelf

Somehow fifteen years on the ultimate miracle befell me

I became pregnant, how on earth, I was happy as can be

It was a shock and I went through it all

Resentment kicked in and denial, awful

It took some time but I came to terms

It took me a month but I soon learned

I was so happy with my baby and our future dreams

But nothing would ever turn out as simple as it seemed

I went in to premature labour, my son was born

It was too early for him and my heart was torn

He was given to me, my angel, my boy on my chest

Thirty minutes he had to live, then he continued his rest

Skin to skin, his heartbeat with mine

His breathing, me wanting to slow down time

He died in my arms, in my fucking arms

I would of given my life for him not to of been harmed

I laid for hours watching him, screaming, crying, wailing

Why this way? Why? I was in shock, even shaking

I examined him, every inch of his perfect face

I could not look away, his mother’s sweet embrace

I fell in love, real love that day 

Love bloomed in my heart in every way


It is now 6 years on from the death of my son

I have learned so much and I refuse to run

It’s not like I could just walk away from my grief

Like trying to escape my arm, my leg or even my beliefs

I learned who my true friends really are

All their support, they were really my stars

And I sympathize with others now it wasn’t always the case

Because them empty friends were really a waste of space

And I know that I can’t control everything in life it’s not the way

I love you my son and I will always remember you on our day



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Phil lister 03/10/17