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How my bedroom was

How my bedroom was

My teddies stacked to the side

Watching over me with approving stares

As if knowing my next moves

My bed was a stage

For my adoring silent crowd

As I would jump to touch the sky

Springs squeaking ready for the next jump

Elation in my movements


The unapproving voice echoed


The thuds on the floor


As I listened

Pure concentration

Hairs noisily erect on my neck

As still as a mouse

Awaiting to see my predator


The stairs thumped

Scattering to my teddies

Hiding in their pile

Searching for safety

Two eyes peaking from a fluffy mountain

Holding my breath



The door flung open


I went to my happy place

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I can’t speak but you can hear me

My silence

Scribbled numbers

Past present and future

A perfect world

I am safe

In my solitude

Dont touch me

I will scream

I can’t help it

I love you

It’s different

This is my way

I am happy


Poem inspired by touch


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Phil lister 09/11/17

Picture: pixabay

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What did you believe?


I used to believe lots of things

If I dug in the garden I could have everything

Game boy games, a game boy too

Dig to China, or Australia woo

What did you used to believe?

Like Popeye, my brother and I ate leaves

I could smoke grass like tobacco

I could fly with a duvet, wooooaaa

My bike sounded like a motorbike

I could take off with my trike

When we’re kids we have so much imagination in us

Enjoy it while it lasts, stay innocent, it’s a great plus!


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Phil lister 29/09/17