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Good morning daddy

Please pick me up

Hold me tight

I love you so much

Good morning daddy

I love your eyes

What will we do today?

Is it a surprise?

Good morning daddy

Are you okay?

You’re not yourself

Can we play?

Good morning daddy

You’re coughing a lot

Drink some syrup

To make it stop

Good morning mummy

Where is daddy today?

Why are you crying?

Can we go play?

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Tick tock

I am sitting here (Tick Tock)

I am watching the clock (Tick Tock)

I am alone (Tick Tock)

I am at home (Tick Tock)

Why so depressing? (Tick Tock)

Why this lesson? (Tick Tock)

I want to end it (Tick Tock)

To stop that clock (Tick Tock)

Slower and slower (Tick Tock)

Beats the clock (Tick Tock)

For I am calm (Tick Tock)

With bloodied palms (Tick Tock)

I have done it (Tick Tock)

Set myself free (Tick Tock)

Now I see the light (Tick Tock)

My clock has stopped, No Tick Tock

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I have never seen the snow

I have never seen the snow

Until this cold cold day

Fluttering gently

Through smeared windows

Oh so beautiful

Daddy putting on my gloves

Smiling to himself

What are you thinking?

Why do I need such a big coat?

Will it chill my hands?

He pulls down my warm pink beanie

And covers my ears

His words are muffled now

He kisses me on the bridge of my nose

Opening the door he ushers me out

Into the magical snowstorm

I am in awe

Such magic in the cool crisp air

Silence surrounding me

I look up and feel the flakes

Onto my nose

I open my mouth

I love snow

Please never stop

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Childhood · Me

How my bedroom was

How my bedroom was

My teddies stacked to the side

Watching over me with approving stares

As if knowing my next moves

My bed was a stage

For my adoring silent crowd

As I would jump to touch the sky

Springs squeaking ready for the next jump

Elation in my movements


The unapproving voice echoed


The thuds on the floor


As I listened

Pure concentration

Hairs noisily erect on my neck

As still as a mouse

Awaiting to see my predator


The stairs thumped

Scattering to my teddies

Hiding in their pile

Searching for safety

Two eyes peaking from a fluffy mountain

Holding my breath



The door flung open


I went to my happy place

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I can’t speak but you can hear me

My silence

Scribbled numbers

Past present and future

A perfect world

I am safe

In my solitude

Dont touch me

I will scream

I can’t help it

I love you

It’s different

This is my way

I am happy


Poem inspired by touch


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Phil lister 09/11/17

Picture: pixabay

Childhood · family · happy · Life

What did you believe?


I used to believe lots of things

If I dug in the garden I could have everything

Game boy games, a game boy too

Dig to China, or Australia woo

What did you used to believe?

Like Popeye, my brother and I ate leaves

I could smoke grass like tobacco

I could fly with a duvet, wooooaaa

My bike sounded like a motorbike

I could take off with my trike

When we’re kids we have so much imagination in us

Enjoy it while it lasts, stay innocent, it’s a great plus!


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Phil lister 29/09/17