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Isolation isolation isolation

Isolation isolation isolation

Go mess yourself

Isolation isolation isolation

It’s my mental health


How long will it be

Until I shall be free

Stuck in my house

With my big damn mouth

Oh my what glee


There’s only so much I can do

200 bog rolls oh poo

Oh why’d I buy so much

Oh my I’ve had enough


So I’ll sing my song

You better sing along

And if you don’t

You probably wont

Isolation for you


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It is coming you know for all of us

No one cares or gives a fuss

It’s just a cold a little bug

You’re invincible, dont give a fluff

People are dying all around the world

People are coughing, germs swirl

It started with one, one patient x

Where are we now? it’s complex

You may lose someone, someone you hold dear

Maybe that will make things a little more clear

Health workers are dying trying to save

Governments are struggling, just to stave

One thing we are asked by all of them

Stay indoors, be responsible my friend

Social distancing, one metre between us

Is it that difficult? really so rough?

This is just the start it’s going to be hard

Support the others, stay on the path

We will beat this, together as one

This is real, it is not just for fun


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