New work

Cheeky flowers

As the sun starts to rise

The darkness falls

The cold disappears

And we’ll have a ball


We open up

And reveal ourselves

Ready to be taken

As if on the shelf


Feed on us

Suck us dry

Rub yourself

Don’t be shy


That orange glow

Feels so good


Nothing could


As it eventually fades

To say goodnight

We start to close

As we miss our light


Off to sleep

Until the next day

See you soon

We’ll be back out to play

Flowers · Life · love

Waiting to adorn you

I wait patiently

Waiting to adorn you

Your beauty

If only temporary

I still seek it

To quench the thirst

Of my eyes

To satisfy my need

Of inhaling your odour

To caress your

Soft velvetness

For the moment I remain

Patiently waiting

As a disciple

Why do you have this effect?

I never noticed it before

I just wish to nurture you

So you can give back

Your beauty in payment

So I can linger in your perfume

And think constantly of you

And even when you will die

I will have done my best

The coolness will come

And you will will be no more

My sadness will come back

But I will know

In myself

This goodbye

Shall not be

The last

I will wait again

Flowers · Life · New work

Reckless roses

I am a useless gardener

I kill everything

Whatever you give me

Whatever you bring

I love flowers

Roses true

The only one I don’t kill

That is true

Reckless with roses

As much as you want

But they flower again

A beautiful plant

Oh how they smell

Their glorious whiff

I can’t stop myself

From having a sniff

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