family · happy · Life

Simply a friend

Thank you for encouraging me

Thank you for freeing me

Thank you for allowing me

Thank you for my future to be


Without you I wouldn’t be here

Without you to help me through my tears

Without you impossible to overcome my fear

Without you couldn’t of finished the year


You give me the confidence I need

You give me your words indeed

You give me oxygen to breath

You give me the power to succeed


A friend that lifts me up

A friend that doesn’t suck

A friend that means so much

A friend that keeps in touch


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Phil lister 01/01/18

depression · Life

A selfish friend

Why do you do this to me?

Again and again

Why do I have to suffer

I thought you was a friend


Mixed messages from dusk till dawn

One way, all the time

Suit yourself you always do

 All for you, my point of view


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Phil lister 15/10/17