2021 · fantasy

Harry the ghost

There is a ghost next to me

On this park bench

I don’t know what he wants

Or what is that stench

Hello Mr ghost

What is your name?

It is Harry kind sir

Are you a bit insane?

Why do you say that?

Asked puzzled little me

I can see you clear as day

Like the birds and the bees

No one has ever seen me

I have been here for years

I lost my life on this bench

Holding back ghostly tears

Were you homeless Harry?

I asked with concern

He nodded his head

They do never learn

What happened? I asked

Why did you die here?

Did you not have a family?

Nobody near?

Nobody who cared, he said

Not ever enough

It was the cold that killed me

My body had enough

But Harry, I said

Why can you not pass?

What’s stopping you?

Blocking your path?

I guess I needed to tell my story

Maybe it may change something

If it does not

Can we talk again?

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family · happy · Life · love

Face of change


​Wake up, feel different, I feel sick

Run to bathroom, vomit every bit

Rise to the mirror, wash my face

What the hell, what’s this face!

My hair, my eyes I fall down

I get back up, what is this frown?

I’ve got muscles, je suis beau

I’m taller with a bronzed glow

My insecurities, my patheticness

They are gone, have I been blessed?

I run out the room onto the landing

My mum’s at the top of the stairs standing

” Mum mum look at me, look at my face”

She can’t hear me, what is this place?

I put my hand on her, turn around please

“turn up the heating darling, I felt a breeze”


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Phil lister 02/10/17