Childhood · depression · Life

This is my life

I am cold

Nights on the street

Found somewhere to hide

Got nothing to eat


Don’t want to see anyone

Don’t want to be found

Sick of life at home

Felt so bound


My tummy rumbling

No money left

Got to eat something

Then I can rest


I leave my armchair

In a stone outhouse

To forage for food

Just like a mouse


To the corner shop

To browse the shelves

Beans and spaghetti

I help myself


Under my coat

I dart for the door

They try to stop me

I push them to the floor


I run back home

Shaken and scared

15 years old

My life laid bare


I open the can

With a rock and a knife

I eat my dinner

This is my life


Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

2021 · fantasy

Harry the ghost

There is a ghost next to me

On this park bench

I don’t know what he wants

Or what is that stench

Hello Mr ghost

What is your name?

It is Harry kind sir

Are you a bit insane?

Why do you say that?

Asked puzzled little me

I can see you clear as day

Like the birds and the bees

No one has ever seen me

I have been here for years

I lost my life on this bench

Holding back ghostly tears

Were you homeless Harry?

I asked with concern

He nodded his head

They do never learn

What happened? I asked

Why did you die here?

Did you not have a family?

Nobody near?

Nobody who cared, he said

Not ever enough

It was the cold that killed me

My body had enough

But Harry, I said

Why can you not pass?

What’s stopping you?

Blocking your path?

I guess I needed to tell my story

Maybe it may change something

If it does not

Can we talk again?

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