New work

Thirst of greed

We were once free

But now they are coming

Feet pounding the ground

Buildings shelled

Aircraft deafening

The sky has changed

A rancid black

Where has the hope gone?

What has happened to our destiny?

We have to help ourselves

As no-one else will

If you are able,


As freedom has evaporated

This will become our lives

Our norm

We will have to accept

Freedom will always win

But many lives will pay the cost

And the sea of red

Will be the consequence

Of a thirst of greed

Of dominance

Say a prayer

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

The curse of the baby

When you first come into this world

The nurse inspects you and gives you a twirl

You are then taken home and placed to nest

You are left to slumber and of course to rest

From that moment there is a change

You start to cry and make your parents deranged

Through all the noise and the screaming

Your parents would rather be dreaming

For this disruption causes stress

Their sweet child is no longer a bless

And for a reason unknown to you

Your parents split and are no longer two

Was it your fault? Is it true?

Was it actually because of you?

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Life, why?

Fate is such a funny thing

You seem to be made to pay for your sins

It was that I can’t understand

Men in power with their woeful plans

What does it achieve? What does it gain?

Apart from torture, torment and pain

Back to my life as you can see

I have pain and torment inside of me

When will I realize that I am a pawn?

I am just a playing piece waiting to be worn

I realize now that fate is a funny thing

It thrives on controlling everything

It teaches us lessons, it gives us hope

Sorry I lie; it gives us false hope

Who asked for diseases? I can’t understand?

It’s the man in power again, with his woeful plan

This is life, c’est la vie

If you don’t like it just try to flee

There’s one way out, as the lights go dim

You have now paid for all of your sins!

WIP 2021

New project 2021 – Chapter 2 part 1

Frank angry from the night’s events got into the black Mercedes. Rose opening the passenger door and closing behind her.

“Well that went well didn’t it” she said. “Don’t lecture me” Frank snapped. Angrily starting the car. The car screeched away leaving tyre tracks.

Paul had been walking for a while now uttering to himself with discontent for his dad. He was soaked through from the constant rain.

“Probably gonna catch a cold now because of that idiot, Why did he have to act like that? Showing me up in front of everyone!”

“I’m gonna get home, I’m gonna get my stuff and I’m gonna leave” he shouted to the sky.

Copyright © Philip Lister 2021

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If I dare to dream

If I dare to dream

Will i be set free

Will my ball and chain

Miraculously unshackle

Will my debts be paid

To society

To my ex wife

Will i be at peace with my mother

Will my father come back to me

Can I dream for peace

An end to the pandemic

Water where there is none

Food where famine has been shunned

Can I help someone

Who needs to be helped

Can I matter to someone

Can I smile once more

Can I be loved

Can I love

We can all dream can’t we

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happy · Life

Hope and positivity

Why do we have to communicate?

Our need to connect to the world

Want to be heard, to matter

Minuscule, making a difference

An itch to be scratched

Unique and wonderful

Marvelously complicated

Humanely simple

Change others lives

Selflessness to help

Someone in need

Notice our actions

Words are power

Lose yourself to find a path

Make errors to learn from them

Never look back 


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Phil lister 13/11/17

Picture: pixabay