Stuck in this haunted house

Stuck in this haunted house

With my darling you

Are we getting out of here?

What are we to do?


Will I be able to protect you?

From the ghouls and ghosts

From that scary axe

Swishing to and fro


All the windows boarded

Impossible to escape

Now all I hear is hissing

Oh fuck it’s a snake


As we run up the stairs

Taking your hand in mine

Through the black darkness

And the scary whines


Quick, through this door

As it slams behind

Then the lights allume

The clock begins to chime


Look a way out

My love says to me

I doubt to myself

It would be this easy


We climb out the window

On to the stone ledge

We look at the ground below

And we jump for the hedge


We land and scream breaking our bones

Finally free from the house

As we check our injuries

He is there, quiet as a mouse


So you escaped I see

Uttering to us

Will you get away from me?

Or will I turn you to puss?


I try to move from my bed

Impossible to go

My darling i’ll forever love you

The man then dealt his blows


Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

fantasy · New work

Stay out of sight

Sticks and stones

And scary moans

The cemetery

Scares at night

Pitch black

Dont look back

The creepy things

Will fright

As witches cackle

Snap their brooms

The cauldron bubbles

With delight

Vampires wait

To start their feast

For blood

That first bite

The wolves howl

Grit their teeth


Under the moon light

At the cemetery

Watch yourself


Out of sight

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Childhood · fantasy · Me

Never sleep again

Afraid of the dark

Monsters waiting in the black

What was under the bed?

Teeth awaiting to feed

Attacking my dad downstairs

Mind running wild

Off with their heads

They’re here

I’ll always remember that face

Haunting me

Red dots on bodies

Blood spewing from open mouths

Falling forever backwards

Calling out in that empty space

Wishing to never sleep again

Never sleep again


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depression · Life

5 senses of dinner


Why can’t you hear me?

Is my voice too weak?

I scream and yell out

But I just cannot speak


Why can’t you see me?

Is my body too small?

Do I just not matter?

To anyone at all


Why can’t you smell me?

I smell really bad

I’ve been here for weeks

I am starting to go mad


Why can’t you touch me?

Just to know I’m not alone

What I would give

Just to go back home


Why are you tasting me?

What do I taste like?

Free me from this torment

Please, finish my life


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Phil lister 22/04/18

family · Life · love

Ask the question!


Did he dare ask the question one more time?

Assessing the mayhem, the mess, the grime

Did he call him to suffer his wrath

His axe wielded, his sadistic laugh

She comes down the stairs, “what’s going on?”

Go back to bed, I’ll be right along

She climbs back up the stairs humming away

Oblivious of what the madman has done this day

Suddenly, shattered glass, a lightning strike

Black cloak in front of him starting to fight

He falls to his feet like a heavy sack

The cloak prepares himself with his axe

The man raises his hand, pleads for his life

The girl is back there, scared on this night

Don’t hurt my girl, please leave her alone

As you wish, his axe, through flesh and through bone

The girl screamed, loud as she could

The cloak whispers to her “be quiet, be good”

He raises his axe one more time

She cowers beneath his line

She closes her eyes and waits for the blade

Did she die? Or did she evade?

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Phil lister 29/09/17

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