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I have a fidoodle

Whatever that is

Is it a poodle

Or is it a fish

Midnight laughed so

From this doodle bug

Can’t stop herself

Can’t get enough

What do you say

To the god of fidoodle

Do you wanna fight

Or a spicy pot noodle

Can you pick it

Like you pick your nose

It’s a fidoodle

No one knows

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Life · New work

Isolation isolation isolation

Isolation isolation isolation

Go mess yourself

Isolation isolation isolation

It’s my mental health


How long will it be

Until I shall be free

Stuck in my house

With my big damn mouth

Oh my what glee


There’s only so much I can do

200 bog rolls oh poo

Oh why’d I buy so much

Oh my I’ve had enough


So I’ll sing my song

You better sing along

And if you don’t

You probably wont

Isolation for you


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