New work

My phone

How does it control me?

Why can I not leave it alone?

What is this pull over me?

When I take my phone


Every waking hour

Glued eyes to the screen

I cannot stop myself

Cannot keep myself clean


How can this be an addiction?

As bad as a drug

Why do I want it so?

Is this called love?


Watching every notification

As the text flashes by

As if the most important thing

In my life is a lie


Why do I not want it to stop?

Another pointless sound

I just like to be busy

When there is nothing around


It is my dearest friend

It knows me better than me

If it could be my drug

It would be my ecstacy



Connected disconnected

We are all in a trance

Hypnotized by our phones

Look around you, at others

Every time that you roam


They enter on the train

White headphones, earphones too

Transfixed, silence

Nothing else to do


We cannot switch off

Your doing it now

Tapping on the phone

It’s the only way how


Update your status

Scratch yourself

Hours pass by

In your stealth


Listen to music

We’ve lost all our skills

We’re all addicted

To this technological pill


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Phil lister 23/11/17

Picture: pixabay

erotic · love


Send me a photo if you dare

Ooohh I want to see down there

No not there don’t be perverse

clevage please, can you be cohersed?

Excite me please, make me big

Move them around make em jig

Push them together just for me

Mmm just like that, hot as can be

I can just imagine what they are like bare

I’m sure they are luscious, bet you don’t dare

Oh you turn me on, oh I’m so hard

Your so beautiful and sexy with no bra


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Phil lister 21/10/17